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Bristol Section

Meetings of the Bristol section are held in the Apostle Room in the basement of Clifton Cathedral, Pembroke Road, Clifton, BS8 3BX. Meetings start at 7.45 pm. There is a £1 charge per person per meeting (full-time students free). For more details contact: R H Jones (0117 9830719, [email protected]).


Monday 23 September 2019
Stella Mann
Asylum Treatment as a Victorian Innovation

Can we discover the secrets of wellbeing by examining the history of Bristol's purpose-built asylum? Using images from the unique Glenside Hospital Museum, Stella will explore the history of mental health care.

Monday 28 October 2019
Dr Graham Barton
The origins of Britain's wine supply in the early Roman period

Wine was an essential component in the Roman military diet and became a symbol of Romanisation for native Britons who sought to emulate the Roman lifestyle. This talk will examine the evolution of Britain's earliest wine imports and will trace the supply to military and civilian consumers in south-west England.

Monday 25 November 2019
Katie McClymont
'They Have Different Ways of Doing Things': Cemeteries, Diversity and Local Place Attachment

Practices around death and remembrance in the UK have changed rapidly over the decades, in part influenced by changing and developing patterns of migration and settlement by people with ancestral links outside England and Wales. This presentation will discuss the findings from an 18-month intensive research project which has investigated the needs and desires of people from migrant and minority ethnic backgrounds around death, bodily disposal and remembrance. It focuses on experiences from four medium-sized towns to explore the everyday challenges and aspirations faced by diverse communities in different settings, and how governing authorities' action and inaction have impacted how effectively services are provided.

Monday 27 January 2020
Gail Boyle
George Boon: Discovering Kings Weston Roman Villa in the archives

George Boon's excavation report for Kings Weston Roman Villa was published in the Society's Transactions in 1950 but there's more to this story than meets the eye. This talk will explore the background to the discovery and its consequences

Monday 24 February 2020
John Stevens
Bristol Politics in the Age of Palmerston, 1847-1865

A survey of national and local politics between the fall of Peel in 1847 and the death of Palmerston in 1865 - an era of civic self-confidence but also of many political divisions.

Monday 23 March 2019
Rose Hewlett
Gouts, Itches and Pillheads: Records of the Gloucestershire Court of Sewers, 1583 - 1642

The Gloucestershire Court of Sewers held jurisdiction over the maintenance of sea walls and watercourses (sewers) on low-lying coastal land. Rose's edited transcription of the court's early records and glossary of unusual terminology will be published as part of the Gloucestershire Record Series in the autumn of 2020.