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Bristol Section

Meetings of the Bristol section are held in the Apostle Room in the basement of Clifton Cathedral, Pembroke Road, Clifton, BS8 3BX. Meetings start at 7.45 pm. There is a £1 charge per person per meeting (full-time students free). For more details contact: R H Jones (0117 9830719, roberthjones@blueyonder.co.uk).


Monday 24 September 2018
Dr Roger Leech
15 Small Street - The Destruction of a 17th-century Merchant's House in Bristol

The destruction of a decorated 17th-century ceiling at 15 Small Street, Bristol in August 2017 was widely reported on in the national press and other media, reigniting the debate on how Britain's historic buildings should be better protected. The house had already been identified in the research undertaken for The Town House in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol as the detached kitchen and parlour block belonging to the house of Humphrey Brown, a Bristol merchant who died in 1629. Both chimneypiece and the detached parlour and kitchen would have found many parallels in 17th-century Bristol, but were now an almost unique survival. The story of the chimneypiece, removed and sold to the Museum of Fine Art in Cincinnati, Ohio in the USA c 1921, the survey of the house as a whole and what might have been undertaken to save this important piece of Bristol heritage will comprise the remainder of this lecture.

Monday 22 October 2018
Bob Jones
Where next for Bristolís archaeology?

The recent publication of a major assessment of Bristolís archaeology looks at the development of Bristol from the prehistoric period through to the present day. It draws upon the considerable body of archaeological evidence which has emerged over a long period of archaeological work in the city. It looks forward to future priorities to answer so-far unanswered questions about the cityís development. This talk will look at some of the evidence to have emerged and consider some of the questions that might be posed for future research.

Monday 26 November 2018
John Penny
Out and About in Bristol 1914-1918: Excavating the forgotten history behind Bristol's war effort

This talk will investigate (amongst other things) the buildings involved in war-time manufacturing in the city and the crucial contribution which the civilian workforce (much of it female) made during the First World War.

Monday 28 January 2019
Jon Cannon
St Mary Redcliffe: on patronage, landscape and architecture at Bristol's 'great church' parish church

This paper will use a 'landscape' approach to a standing medieval building to deliver new insights into the dating, building history, patronage and significance of this remarkable church.

Monday 25 February 2019
John Reeks
New insights into the early Interregnum as well as the Civil War period

Monday 25 March 2019
Peter Twinn
Roman rural settlement in Central/South Gloucestershire, staying connected

Roman urban centres and villas in and around the Gloucestershire region are well known with much written about them both archaeologically and historically. What is less clear is how these urban centres related to, and affected, the rural landscape between them. Our understanding of the rural economy is slowly emerging from the soils of the region with some exciting new developments coming to light. From both developer-funded and research-based archaeological investigations we can now shine a light on some of these hitherto unknown sites, their development, function and connectivity within the region, Roman Britain and the Roman Empire beyond.