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Monday 25 September 2017, Bristol
Alan and Jane Bambury

The Sculpture, Symbolism and Archaeology of the Victorian Garden Cemetery
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Wednesday 18 October 2017, Gloucester
Canon Prof Nicholas Orme

A Very Short History of England's Cathedrals
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Saturday 21 October 2017, Gloucester
CAG Annual Symposium:

The Historic Landscape of Gloucestershire: prehistoric to industrial
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Saturday 28 October 2017, Bristol
President's Autumn Meeting

A Walking Tour of the Old City of Bristol
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The Account Book of the Giles Geast Charity, Tewkesbury 1558-1891 (Record Series 31)

Forthcoming, October 2017

The Giles Geast charity provided support for the town's poor for over three centuries. The Account Book kept by the charity feoffees (trustees) have long been famous for their annual 'memoranda' - notes of significant happenings from far and near, spanning the whole range from the defeat of the Spanish Armada to a 31½ lb salmon caught in the Avon. And there are plenty of other natural phenomena - including floods, freak storms, hard winters, notable harvests.

All of this, and the year-by-year income and expenditure associated with the 22 charity houses -- which were rented out to create the funds for annual gifts to the poor -- is included in the new edition, carefully prepared by Dan Beaver, a US academic whose interest in Tewkesbury started nearly 20 years ago.

Read more about the Account Book.
Contact the Honorary Secretary ( to preorder a copy for £22.50 including UK postage (post-publication price £30).

BGAS Library Closure

The BGAS library is going to be closed over the summer, while it is moved from its current location to a new building in Cheltenham Town Centre. It will not be possible to access items from the collection during the closure period.

Letter from the Honorary Librarian about the move







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