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Gloucestershire Section

Meetings of the Gloucestershire section are held at St Johns Church, Churchdown, GL3 2DB and start at 8.00pm, unless otherwise stated.
There is a £1 charge per visitor per meeting. For more details contact: Miss Angela Newcombe (01452 859308 / newcombe@warrentwo.fsnet.co.uk).


Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Canon Prof Nicholas Orme MA DPhil, DLitt, FSA, FeHistS
A Very Short History of England's Cathedrals
2.00pm, in the Parliament Room, Gloucester Cathedral

This spring saw the publication of Nicholas Orme's The History of England's cathedrals - believe it or not - this is the first time anyone has ever written a complete history of them and their activities from Roman times to the present day. As a taster of the book, he offers this quick guided tour through the 1700 years in which they are known to have existed.

Nicholas Orme is emeritus professor of history, Exeter University, and an emeritus lay canon of Truro Cathedral.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017
Mary Gray, Chipping Campden History Society
Recent Work on Old Campden House

Campden House, completed around 1620, occupied a site of outstanding natural beauty and is itself believed to have been uncommonly beautiful. Built in the mannerist Jacobean style, it was surrounded by renaissance gardens which contained many of the features so fashionable at the time, including a canal, water parterres, a mound and terraced walks. The house stood for only a few decades and subsequent centuries saw the site fall into neglect and disrepair. The gardens were planted to orchards but were otherwise free of all development. Yet this very neglect led to the site's importance today, and its Schedule Monument status.

Prior to the current project there had been no archaeological investigation of the site, indeed little research of any kind. The Chipping Campden History Society have for 4 years been investigating the site - a geophysical survey and 2 excavations. This talk will tell the dramatic story of the house, and then focus on the results of the excavations.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Rose Hewlett
William Sheppard: Cromwell's law reformer

William Sheppard (1595-1674) was one of the most prolific law writers pf the seventeenth century, his aim by publishing in English was to make the law more accessible and more easily understood. As Oliver Cromwell's legal adviser (1654-57), Sheppard proposed a comprehensive set of legal reforms so far ahead of their time that many were not enacted until more than two hundred years later. Overshadowed in popular legal history by his illustrious Gloucestershire contemporary, Sir Matthew Hale, William Sheppard is today relatively unknown within his native county.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018
Dr Peter Warry
What the (Roman) Gloucester City Councillors Did

The Roman tilery that lies beneath the site of St Oswald's Priory is unique in the Roman world because the tiles produced were marked with the town council's stamp and many also named the town councillors in charge. New councillors elected annually so the stamps can help unravel the history of these works, how it operated and how the tiles were used. The talk will explore these and other related themes using the evidence from the last 50 years of excavations around the city.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
Dr Nicholas Herbert BA, PhD
The Carved Headstones of Vale and Severnside Churchyards

Although, in terms of churchyard monuments, Gloucestershire is best known for the elaborate chest and pedestal tombs of churchyards such as Elmore, Standish, and Painswick, the county fostered also a lively tradition of carved headstones. Covering the western part of the county and adjoining parts of Worcestershire and Herefordshire, the talk examines some of the (often very local) styles of the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the later influence of the rococo and classical styles, and the use of popular religious and secular symbolism. The work of a number of particular masons, known from the few signed examples that survive, is also highlighted